Breakfast Inspiration

Breakfast Inspiration.

In the loop of my everyday life I started longing for a weekend breakfast, homemade, no artificial ingredients, enjoyed at my own pace.  I began searching through the recipes and making plans. I wanted to create food I enjoy eating but feel guilty buying. The kind with not too much sugar, all real ingredients and a lot less expensive than store bought.

With all the planning in place and recipes at my fingertips, I was surprisingly not inspired enough to jump into action.  There was always something stopping me. Mostly things I created myself. I would wake up and not feel like putting an effort or tell myself that I had food ready in my fridge. Sometimes I would convince myself that it was too much trouble to make food from scratch, other times I felt too tired. I can go on and on…

What I needed was mental boost, inspiration strong enough to make my mood and thinking jump to a higher gear. I started looking for quotes. Ideas that were thought through and made those who wrote them better. I found a few that spoke to me and energized my spirit. I am including some I loved most at the time:

“The sky is not the limit. The mind is.”

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

“Do something instead of killing time. Because time is killing you.”

Little by little the routine changed. I was able to do something for myself. My weekend breakfasts were suddenly slower, more enjoyable and guilt free.

Inspired, I started saving the quotes and making pins out of them. If you find them on the web, they will direct you to my blog.

Here are a few favorite breakfast creations:

Apple Turnovers


Crepes with Farmer’s Cheese

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