• seadlings
    Spring makes me feel hopeful and refreshed. Even in hard times this season helps with creating new energy and inspiring ideas. For many years, gardening was far from my mind even though I grew up in a family that cultivated gardens. There were always flowers and vegetables grown in my
  • hydraengia
    Summer is here. It usually brings some lightness to our being and easiness to the everyday. I feel so grateful to have more freedom and see more light and hope for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started. My thinking and doing have shifted from dormant to curious and
  • Breakfast Inspiration
    In the loop of my everyday life I started longing for a weekend breakfast, homemade, no artificial ingredients, enjoyed at my own pace.  I began searching through the recipes and making plans. I wanted to create food I enjoy eating but feel guilty buying. The kind with not too much
  • Winter berries
    It has been a full year since the start of the pandemic, an unsettling and strange period in our lives. Great number of us experienced lockdowns and all kinds of setbacks, yet we try to remain hopeful and focused on things that matter.  Our families remain the center of this

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